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Sunbeam Alpine Starter bendix dust cover

Parts information: Sunbeam Alpine Starter Motor bendix dust cover

Asking Price: $25.00 USD + Shipping each

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Sunbeam Alpine Series 1 & 2 Soft top hinges
Sunbeam Alpine

New Forest Gaskets

Production of all silicone rubber two-pack gaskets. Yes you know about the sump gasket kit but we make a rocker cover gasket for the aluminium head (and one for the iron head) and a replacement for that thin paper one on the oil filler neck on the ally cover. And we make a side plate version too !!!

Each sump kit (different for 1725 and 1495/1592) now consists of

2 x 40A silicone side gaskets (holes are different for the two options)

2 x 40A silicone end bearing cap seals

4 x 1/4-28 UNF BZP studs c/w 1/4-28 UNF nuts

1 x 1/4-28 UNF CS custom plug tap

1 x 5 cc (nominal) Hylomar Blue c/w applicator

2 x alcohol wipes (sachets)


Thermostat cover and housing

2 gaskets £7.50 + £1.50 P&P

Pictures shows all gaskets available.

Contact: Trevor Hibdige Email

New Forest Gaskets 2

Alpine Skunk Works

Independently manufactured spares.  Disclaimer: Any information, advert or link contained on this site does not amount  to advice, suggestion, endorsement or a recommendation in any manner or form.

New Forest Gaskets silicone gaskets

Sunbeam Alpine

Parts information: Exact Copy of  my Series I / II Soft top hinges  

Draftsman/Engineer made copies, laser cut, formed in Hyd Press.

They are designed as sets with two hinges per set (right and left).

Asking Price: $80.00 USD + Shipping

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Parts information: Sunbeam Alpine Dashboard heater control brackets for replacement wooden dashboards.

sets (three pieces to a set)  One tab on each side and a center piece laser cut

Sell price $30.00 USD + Shipping

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Sunbeam Alpine wooden dashboard brackets
Sunbeam Alpine V6 conversion

Parts information: I have developed a group of Components for Converting your Alpine utilizing a FORD (Cologne) 2.8 V6 Engine , mated to several different types of transmissions such as a Late model Mustang T5, an Automatic Overdrive transmission A4LD, a C3 or C4 automatic. Particular attention to design and fabrication was to laser cut and form without welding each of my components,  Except of course the Straight back headers  (Similar to the Tiger exhaust system).  The 2.8 V6 is a natural fit for an Alpine and adds plenty of torque and horsepower for modern driving and luxury!

An Air Conditioner was fitted several years ago to the 1725 engine that functioned nicely giving me a Cool Alpine in Sunny South Carolina.  Later when the V6 was installed it was even nicer, especially with the Hard Top. And early last year I installed my Electrical Power Steering (EPS) and retained the telescoping option.

The Conversion Components consist of: Transmission mount bracket for both the 4 speed and Automatic (BW35) Alpines, fitted to T5, A4LD, C3/C4 transmission $150 ; Engine mounts with larger over the counter Anchor 2424 Biscuits $150; Cross link replacement is formed in a hyd press without welds, threaded and fitted with tie rod ends $170 or Modification bolts & spacers using your crosslink $50 ;  Modified Thermostat Housing $65 ;  Alternator Bracket w/adj arm $125; Straight back Headers w/ flanges 3/8" thick  w/ ball & socket $715 or Slip joint $615;  etc., etc.,  

In the Picture of my components I have tranny brackets for both type Alpine transmission mounts.  All of my  small components will be powder coated (black).  Correct Metric bolts are provided.

I have a PDF with Documentation on the Conversion available for the asking.   Webpage

Your Questions are invited..…

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