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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. How do I Join the club? Answer
  2. How can I register my Alpine with the club? Answer
  3. What is an Alpine Register ID Tag? Answer
  4. How do I order a Register ID Tag for my Alpine? Answer
  5. How do I recover an Original Registration Number or an age related plate? Answer
  6. Why is there no technical information on this web site? Answer
  7. Where can I find information about the Alpine? Answer
  8. How can I find out if an Alpine is in use? Answer
  9. Can a club member come to a committee meeting? Answer
  10. Who is on the committee and how do I become a committee member? Answer
  11. What are the club Articles? Answer
  12. When can I expect my club magazine, the Alpine Horn, to be delivered? Answer
  13. What do I do if my current edition of the Alpine Horn has not been delivered? Answer
  14. How can I obtain back copies of the Alpine Horn? Answer
  15. How can I pay for any Regalia or Spares that I order? Answer
  16. What is an Area Group? Answer
  17. Can I pay my subscription renewal via a bank? Answer
  18. How do I advertise my Alpine for sale on this web site? Answer
  19. How do I check that I have paid my current renewal subscription? Answer
  20. How can members get use of Club Flags for local shows? Answer
  21. How do I get a Heritage Certificate for my Alpine? Answer
  22. I have a complaint who do I write to? Answer

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