Welcome to the world of Sunbeam Harringtons!

This is the story of the Sunbeam Harringtons, its makers, its variations and the people who still love it today. Above you will find links for each model of Harrington Alpines produced by Thomas Harrington Coach Builders Ltd, England from 1961 through 1964.

The original Harrington Alpine, the Harrington Le Mans*, the Harrington Alpine Series "C" and the Harrington Alpine Series "D". In addition you will find links with information discussing Harrington history, technical details and current day registry information including pictures of surviving cars. Our goal is to continue adding literature, letters and stories all designed to separate fact from fiction regarding these scarce Grand Touring automobiles.

Above: Andrew Yates' concours winning Harrington Le Mans at the NEC in 2021

What makes the Sunbeam Harringtons different?

In total there were not even 400 Sunbeam Harringtons built by Thomas Harrington Ltd., on the Sunbeam Alpine Series II, Series 3 and Series IV chassis provided by Rootes Ltd, England. In addition to adding a permanent "GT" style fibreglass roof, Harrington Ltd., offered 3 different stages of George Hartwell performance tuning to the standard Series II Alpine 1.6 litre Rootes engine, as well as custom options to meet the buyers personal tastes on at least 2 variations of the Sunbeam Harrington. This made the normally topless Sunbeam Alpine into a brilliantly styled, performance-minded fast back coupe, which was exclusively tailored for the most serious of auto sporting enthusiasts.

*note the spelling Le Mans, two words!


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