Please contact us to update the registry for your vehicle. Include the Body Number and/or Registration if known and attach any new photos if available. Indicate if your name can be added to any photo caption or if it is to be with-held.

Request for registry information (available only to owners for GDPR reasons) and any vehicle photos on file. Indicate the Body number and/or registration. The requesting email must match the ownership details we hold.

Viewable Registry Details:

  • VIN / chassis Number
  • Suffix (HRO / LRO / OD etc.)
  • Registration Number
  • Body Number
  • Original VIN Paint Code
  • Build Date
  • First Registered
  • Type / Model
  • Photograph Caption

Additional Information:

  • Commments / Details of interest concerning vehicle
  • Location of vehicle
  • Previous Owner History if known

The registry consists of more than 150 cars.

Some conclusions can be made about the Registry so far.

All Harrington Alpines and Series ‘C’ and ‘D’ are HRO except Harrington Alpine B9106097 which is LRX.

Of the total of Le Mans are 58 HRO and 39 LRX, also 5 LRO and 1 RRO (The books say, most of the Le Mans was sold in US and not many in UK, this shows maybe something else?)

Many countries are represented:

  • UK/N.Irel. 104
  • USA 41
  • France 8
  • Belgium 4
  • Germany 6
  • Australia 5
  • Switzerland 6
  • Netherlands 2
  • Spain 2
  • Sweden 3
  • Denmark 1
  • Italy 2
  • Greece 2
  • New Zealand 1
  • Canada 2
  • Philippines 1

Many of the Europeans are later imports from UK.

Where were the UK cars 1st registered/licensed? The letters on UK license plates can tell the story. The systems are many over the years how to read the plates, but during the sixties one can see where they were registered for the first time by looking at the second and third letter and then looking at a list of many combinations. The result is seen here on this map. It shows that most of the Harringtons were sold in the southern parts near Rootes main dealers and main offices. After 1963 one can also find which year the car was registered by looking at the single letter after the figures. It starts with A in 1963, B for 1964 and so on.

The hunt goes on and with your help we will probably find more.




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