Please contact us to update the registry for your vehicle. Include the Body Number and/or Registration if known and attach any new photos if available. Indicate if your name can be added to any photo captions or if you prefer for your name to be with-held. The registry does not publish any contact details except for the volunteers who maintain the association.

Request for registry information (available only to owners for GDPR reasons) and any vehicle photos on file. Indicate the Body number and/or registration. The requesting email must match the ownership details we hold.

Viewable Registry Details:

  • VIN / chassis Number
  • Suffix (HRO / LRO / OD etc.)
  • Registration Number
  • Body Number
  • Original VIN Paint Code
  • Build Date
  • First Registered
  • Type / Model
  • Photograph Caption

Additional Information:

  • Commments / Details of interest concerning vehicle
  • Location of vehicle
  • Previous Owner History if known
  • Old photos of the vehicle


The hunt goes on and with your help we will probably find more.




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