Where are all the others? We have some more cars which are not presented in the Registries, because further investigations have to be made. Together with those presented we know of approx. 175 cars so we are still missing more than 200. Of course many have been scrapped and rusted away but it's quite astonishing that we are missing so many cars in USA. It once was said that most of the Le Mans model went overseas but so far we have more HRO's than LRX's.

The two biggest clubs SAOC (UK) and SAOCA (USA) have special pages just for Harringtons where we are mentioned and our Society is linked from many other clubs and also in the long list of Sunbeam clubs, so it's hard to miss The Harrington website.

It happens now and then that old owners of Harringtons contact us in hope that we can help them to trace there old cars. We have succeeded just in a few cases. If you recognize any of these below, please inform us or ask the owner to contact us, thank you.


PBW262 (above) was previously listed here as being 'lost', but has recently (2022) been found through a sale on Ebay then on to the new eventual owner. Asuccessful re-discovery for the Assoc! Check out its current restoration progress here.
 Here are also some unidentified from our database:


Mr Poynter Jr (on bonnet) is looking for his Dad's Series C - jamespoy1966@hotmail.co.uk



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