We invite members to submit a picture of their cars, please indicate the location/country and your name if you are happy for that to be visible. Anonimity is perfectly acceptable. Please contact the society to submit your photos using the link above.


This photo was taken at the TE/AE United held at the INDY Speedway in 1986. The car is parked over the brick start/finish line. That's me at a much younger age. I bought the car in December of 1982. We still have it along with two other Le Mans, several Alpines and a 69 Alpine GT fastback.. The original owner in Annapolis, Md had an accident in the late 60's and the side chrome pieces were removed. TT kept the mouldings and rear hatch window. They are on the car that John Prittie bought from TT and restored. I think Jerry Logan now has that car. This car passed thru the hands of Wally Swift and Tiger Tom without being driven until the wife talked TT into selling it to us. It was the third Sunbeam to join our collection alongside the series 4 Alpine I've been driving since the 60's. The white one in the attached photo was one of the cars owned by Ian Spencer. A lot of the restoration was done by Doug Jennings @ Tiger Auto in Dayton, Ohio. Bob Webb






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