Wythall Gathering 2023 - A short video of the 5 Sunbeams and TR Dove that attended the 21st May 2023 Harrington Gathering. Cars belong to Justin H, Andy Goldsmith, Derek Hewitson, Andrew Y and GlennB
 The Harrington Bodied Alpines - Taken at the BDC meeting at Silverstone in 2013 with Steve Chapman's Harrington and and Keith Hampson's Kamm Tail
 The racing Harrington modified Sunbeam Alpine Le Mans - Keith Hampson's Kamm Tail
 Andrew Yates at the NEC Expo 2021 - a Press interview with Andrew in front of his magnificent HLM restoration. Such a polished speaker!
 536CNW at a charity event at Prescott Hill Climb #1 - a view of the hairpin, you have to drop into 2nd as you enter especially with my engine that needs 3KRPM to deliver any torque.
 536CNW at a charity event at Prescott Hill Climb #2 (rear view) - I pushed it from the start but gave after the bridge as I needed to be able to drive home. The rear view is a different take. Note the severe drop down the hill on the upper section.
 536CNW at Silverstone FISCAR race in 2021 - part of the BDC meeting, a short 9 second clip but better than nothing! Didn't come last for the first time. I finished ahead of both the Jowettt and Morgan.
 A Clean Lap of Silverstone in 536CNW - at the BDC meet in 2022. A hot day caused attrition with other cars but the Le Mans was solid and finished 14th out of 21 entrants.
 The Sunbeam Alpine Channel - 536CNW at Lydden Hill (on a very wet raceday) - Thanks to Tim Raymond for coming along on such a rotten day. The misfire actually disappeared with higher revs but the main problem was a sticky servo which kept the brakes on for several seconds in each corner. The new HD front and rear dashcam proved useless as visibility was 0%.
 SUNI International 2021 - 5 Harringtons in one place! (with Steve Myers) (at the start of the clip)
 This Week With Cars and Steve Myers at the Milwaukee Concours d'Elegance 2020
 Sunbeam Harrington Le Mans on My Classic Car - with Steve Myers (extract of above)
 1961 Le Mans extract with 3000RW (uploaded by Frank Felicite)
 Rootes Film - Sunbeam Alpine, 1961 Le Mans, Harrington - Peugot collection
 Sunbeam Harrington Alpine - Bill Atalla's restoration
 Rootes Maidstone - Review of the building and Rootes (31 mins)
 Sebring Sunbeam Harrington Alpine auction at Sotheby's 7/8/16 - Sold for £97,500



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