We invite all Harrington owners to submit the story of their cars so we can build the full history of the cars. The current list of features articles includes:
  • Alpine at Le Mans by Justin Harrington, describing the factory entries between 1961-1963
  • Success at Le Mans by Clive Harrington
  • Jerry Logan's Saga by Jerry Logan, describing the story of the acquisition of his "Car and Driver" Harrington Le Mans
  • The Replica by Mel Clark and Gavin Campbell, describing the painstaking recreation of the 9201RW Le Mans Kamm Tail
  • The 1962 RAC Rally by Graham Gauld, describing the exploits of Harrington Le Mans cars 2EGG and MEL63
  • Glenn's Story of 536CNW by Glenn Brackenridge, written in answer to a request on the Internet for information from the inline magazine OldClassicCarUK
  • 3000RW in the USA by JA, describing his acquisition of 3000RW and its first US outing at the Mt Equinox Hill Climb
  • Rita's Story By the late Rita Brissenden, describing Bob's passionate restoration and tuning of his HLM, 177RNK
  • A False Tiger A by Jan Iggbom, describing the story of a Tiger Harrington conversion intended to fool the Sunbeam community
  • A False Tiger B by Jan Iggbom, describing the story of another Harrington to Tiger conversion intended to fool the Sunbeam community - subsequently purchased and enjoyed by Jan himself without any pretence of it being a factory prototype
  • Steering Wheels by Jan Iggbom, describing the steering wheel options for the various Harringtons
  • MEL63 by Ian Spencer/Jan Iggbom, asking whatever happened to MEL63, followed by its subsequent rediscovery and restoration
  • A True Rally Car by Alan Jones, describing the probable progress of Sunbeam Alpine 6969EL, from International Rally car through Harringtons for a customer conversion to Harrington Alpine USY266
  • A Promotional HLM by Jerry Logan, describing the promotional HLM's sent to the USA by Rootes
  • Bob Avery's Harrington Alpine, Car #55 by Ian Spencer/Jan, describing the reconstruction of Bob's ex-Sebring race car
  • The Other Prince William by Andrew Yates/Jan, describing the unfortunate Duke of Gloucester, a famous patron of the HLM, who died in a plane crash in 1972
  • The Horseman V8 HLM by Jan Iggbom/Jerry Logan (contributor), describing the story of the V8-converted HLM in Gulf racing livery which once belonged to John Horsman, former race car engineer and author of Racing in the Rain: My Years with Brilliant Drivers, Legendary Sports Cars, and A Dedicated Team.
  • Harpine Observations by Jerry Logan, with opinions on the falsification of vehicle details
  • The Rootes Competition Dept by Alan Knight, son of Bill, who was a mechanic in the pits for Rootes at the 1961 Le Mans race
  • 284WPH Sunbeam Harrington Le Mans - The story of Graham Haw's HLM, SAOC Concours winner in 2010 at the Haynes Motor Museum, Sparkford, UK


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