Harrington Conversion of 197EUF made by Peter matthews (Dave Muteham*)

 Pics taken just after purchase in early 1965 by second owner. Richard Rogers, man leaning against it was the fourth owner and restored it and also had it painted Autumn Gold Metallic (Rootes colour code 68). For a while he used it as a convertible. Figures below are from DVLA

 Around 1980 it went into the stables of Peter Mathews who put a Tiger engine in it. In the STOC registry it was known as: "This car claims to have the Ford 260 engine number - 4844 F21KA. This engine came out of Sunbeam Tiger B9473070 HRO. This particular "Tiger' was once owned by Mathews and it was re-shelled during his tenure. This car is reported to have a Pressed Steel Tiger body number of 563257, a JAL number that is also fixed to Sunbeam Tiger B9472747 HRO. This particular "Tiger' (EBN 522C) was also once owned by Mathews (and re-shelled during his tenure). The original JAL number - 563257 - in fact belongs to B9473718 HRO." A total mix of VIN's."

 P.M. kept the car until 2006 when he put it up in an auction at Goodwood by Bonhams. It was a very low interest in the car so it finally was bought by the auctioneer himself for the reserve £14.950 all included. Just before the auction P.M. had put the original Harrington Alpine VIN and SAL back on the car and of course it is in our Harrington Registry. The owner has been told by STOC and The Society he has a Mathews 'hobby' car.

Nice looking car though, like all Harringtons.


 Above P.M. on the left. At one time, mid-90's, we have been told there were as many as 14 Tigers standing at P.M.s place. Today there are none. 197 EUF in the background middle.
 The car is now located in Sweden opurchased by Jan Iggbom in March 2014.




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