My name is J.A. and I live on the East coast of USA. The 23rd of June I purchased 3000RW at an RM auction in UK. I'm very fond of vintage racing and when I saw the Harrington Alpine for sale I became very interested. I have had delightful communications with Clive Harrington both prior and after the purchase and in due course we shall have a well-sorted former Le Mans competitor, finisher, and winner driven and prepared by a couple of courageous drivers and prepared by a team that had no fear of Goliaths some 50 years ago. He also told me the complete story of the car and gave me several advices on how to drive it, like "don't rev it more than 6000", check the tire pressure, etc….


 After the purchase I had it flown over the Atlantic on the lower deck of a Virgin 747 that landed at JFK last Thursday at 1600hrs. We checked the fluids, fired it up, and had a lovely weekend of driving. The car ran perfectly with the original head stamped EXP1 and original block stamped EXP421.

Our first competitive event will be the Mt. Equinox hill climb inVermont early August. Hopefully 3000RW will return to EU next year for Le Mans Classic.

It was simply a great weekend at Mt. Equinox and 3000 RW drove superbly on its maiden run in the New World. Before the event we did nothing other than change fluids and adjust the idle and oh yes we replaced the well-used Dunlops for Avons. The 50-year old engine provided remarkable high-end torque and we were well over 80 MPH in the long straight into the saddle (and that was in 3rd!).


 If there are any more convenient East Coast club events this summer, we shall try to show up.

More will follow.......

[Note: Last photo shows Steve Silverstein in red with J.A beside 3000RW.]


 Webmaster's footnote: from an article in the SAOC Horn #228 in Feb 2017 where it showed this photo of 3000RW after "going gardening" at Sebring. Hopefully it was repaired.



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