Harrington Conversion of ORX 905C made by Peter Matthews (Dave Muteham)

 Peter Mathews is a well known Tiger owner and member in STOC. He lives in Seven Oaks, UK. During his most active years he converted two cars into fake Tiger Harringtons. One used a true Mk I Tiger as a base, VIN B9473140 HROFE Lic.# ORX 905C. Originally it was painted Forest Green (86). Before Peter made a fake Harrington of it, he replaced the Series IV rear quarters with fins from a Series 3 Alpine. At that time he called it a Tiger prototype.


 Here is the car together with its sister visiting USA at the first SUNI meeting. These pictures come from Norman Miller (author of The Book of Norman). His book contains, among other things, a Registry of all 7085 Tigers built. Norman purchased copies of the Jensen Motors Ltd. Sunbeam Tiger production records from the Museum Of British Road Transport and then combined them with owner-reported survivor reports to end up with an amazing resource of information. The Registry contains the names of many owners and in it you can find ORX with notes about its Alpine 3 elements. This limited production book (only a 1000 copies printed) can sometimes be found on Ebay for prices between $2-3K. Of course I got a copy

 The Mediterranean Blue (100) ORX 905C ended up in Switzerland in 2006. It was purchased by Lukas Waldis who unfortunately died shortly after the purchase. Now the car is for sale again, but has not been sold since its listing, spring 2011. Of course it was announced as a Harrington Tiger, price was CHF 50.000. The auctioneer/ seller Mr Huber was told by me that it is not a true car, just a fake Harrington Tiger. Since then Keith Riddington a new dealer in UK autumn 2011 has changed the ad to a Sunbeam Tiger Harrington Hard-Top. Still not sold 2012 January


[Note: now sold]

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