The introduction of the Alpine Series 3 in January of 1963 meant that an entirely new top would need to be created for the Harrington Alpine Series 'D'. This new top was needed to fit the new windshield design, which had an entirely different slope than the Alpine Series II. Still sporting the tail fins and rear hatch, the Series 'D' production was somewhere around 12 units produced on both the Alpine Series 3 and Alpine Series IV chassis. It's believed that the Alpine Series 3 based cars were still assembled by the Harrington craftsmen and the Alpine Series IV based cars were assembled by the Robins and Day employees. The Harrington Series 'D' is identified by fins, hatch back rear window and either a Alpine Series 3 or IV chassis.

This is probably a factory picture

If you have any factory promotional pictures of the Series 'D', we would love to see them.

The Series 'D' was equipped with many of the same features as its Series 'C' predecessor. Eggbox grill, center consoles and leather interior were all available to the buyer if wanted. The Series' D' was not offered with Hartwell Engine tune. These cars were sold with standard Alpine engine tune. One Series 'D' on Alpine Series IV GT is known.



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