Approximately 110 Harrington Alpines were produced in 1961 and were available by placing an order through an authorized Rootes dealership. The Harrington Alpine was offered with three different stages of Hartwell engine tune and many optional interior modifications. Identifying an original Harrington Alpine can be done by looking at the rear of the car. There you will find a very small hinged boot lid and a fixed rear window. Based on the Alpine Series II, Harrington Ltd., fabricated a nifty fiberglass top that neatly fitted the Alpine body. A new rear bulkhead was fabricated to mount the rear portion of the top, as well as the shortened boot lid. These modifications made the Harrington Alpine a true conversion and once this process was completed the car could not be changed back to a convertible sports car.

 The pictures shown above begin with Factory Promotional shots of TPN 400. Notice the early shots before it was fitted with a fender badge. This car was equipped with standard wheels and standard Alpine interior. Notice the lack of rear seat trim. It was possible to order the Rootes Special Accessory rear seat cushions if desired. The last two pictures are of HA 1, HA 2 and HA 3 on display during Harrington Alpine introduction. It's possible that TPN 400 and HA 3 are the same car.



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