The Series 'C' was introduced in October 1962 with Le Mans production still underway. The Series 'C' was a very similar car to the Le Mans with the main difference being it retained the tail fins. Advertised as an improved version of the original Harrington Alpine, the opening rear hatch, and newer optional accessories made it a little more elegant than the original version.

Still built on the Alpine Series II body, these cars saw very low numbers due to the end of Series II production and introduction of the new Alpine Series 3 in January of 1963. The series 3 cars had a different windscreen rake and the original hardtop did not fit. Approximately 20 of these rare Series 'C' Alpines would make it through production before the need to change roof design to match the Alpine Series 3 windshield design. The Series 'C' is identified by the tall fins, opening hatchback and Alpine Series II body.

The pictures above are factory promotional shots of the Harrington Alpine Series 'C'. This car is equipped with steel wheels, center console, medium sized knee bolster pad with arm rest, faux wood dash, standard Alpine steering wheel, standard rubber floor mats and unique rear seat. This cars identity is unknown.

Special Harrington options available on the Series 'C' include: eggbox grill, oil cooler, brake servo kit, competition type roll bars, competition shock absorbers, leather interior, center console, faux wood dash, Carlotti steering wheel, Microcell seats and Hartwell engine tune. Other Rootes Special Accessory items could be included.



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