Were you aware that Harrington Ltd undertook the bodywork modifications for the Alpines that ran at Le Mans in 1962 and 1963? Most people think of a coupe conversion when the word Harrington is mentioned, but those who really understand Harrington Ltd know that they facilitated many other types of coach modifications and didn't just put the coupe tops on Alpines. These Le Mans race cars are a great example of the different type of work Harrington Ltd was capable of. The Kamm-tailed design is the most obvious alteration to the appearance of these cars, but a closer inspection will reveal quite extensive aluminum body modifications making these cars very special indeed. Only three of these rare cars were built and they carry the license numbers; 9201RW, 9202RW and 9203RW.


 9201RW is owned today by Brooklands Motor Company and can often be seen racing in UK and Le Mans Memorials.

9202RW is missing, last seen in a rally in 1972. Picture is sent by the son of the co-driver, Jonathan Hawkins. There are anecdotal reports of it being recovered in France and hopefully it will re-appear in the Sunbeam community.

 9203RW is owned by Justin Harrington. Enjoy his FEATURE about the Kamm Tailed cars at Le Mans.


9203RW at the 79th Members Meeting at Goodwood 2022



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