Unique Badges and Markings


 This badge is usually found on the glovebox lid. Not all Harringtons have it and it is unclear whether every Harrington should have one

 The Harrington text was fitted to the bootlid. It was not fitted to Le Mans models.

 The emblem with red surround was fitted to all Harringtons except the Le Mans

 The emblem with yellow surround was fitted to the Le Mans models

 The Le Mans script was attached to the side of the fender/wings of the Le Mans models instead of the regular Alpine script. Note the unique spears which are only found on the Le Mans models. The extension of the spears covers the line joining the roof to the remaining steel wing.

 All Harringtons have a wood steering wheel boss with either a red or blue badge.

 The engine rocker cover of some Le Mans models was fitted with a Le Mans script. It is unclear if this was for export cars only as many do not have this. (this is a modern 3D design for potential reproduction

 The "Not to Le Mans Spec" was fitted to the scuttle of some cars, potentially later models and obviously after the 1961 Le Mans race. Likely to be found on cars which did not have the Hartwell tuned engines.


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