Yes, there are parts unique to these cars that should NEVER be thrown away, no matter what the condition. If you have any of these rare bits please make sure they fall into the correct hands.


Faux wood dash


Le Mans Script (2 separate parts)


Rear quarter trim (2 pieces)


Front fender/wing spears


"Red" Harrington fender/wing badge


"Yellow" Le Mans fender/wing badge


Door Panel Arm Rests


Egg Crate Grill

 And all these items:

  • Glass - (side roll-up windows, rear quarter windows and rear hatch window)
  • Brake Servo (Clayton Dewandre)
  • Carlotti Steering Wheels and Hubs
  • Harrington Boot Script
  • Fiberglass Roofs
  • Microcell Racing Seats
  • Oil Coolers (Rootes Options)
  • Overdrive Units (Rootes Option)
  • Le Mans Valve Covers
  • Any Interior Trim
  • Flywheels (Lightened)
  • Cylinder Heads (Modified by Hartwell)
  • Sun Visors




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