Seek out a place where common passion abounds. With every viewing the emotion of belonging ascends. A vision becomes possible and hope removes despair. That becomes home. Sometimes stepping outside the late afternoon sky appears ominous with dark shapes threatening a storm filled with wind and rain. Return to the sanctuary. Gaze out the window to find shimmering light above the clouds. Another attempt to walk in the open unveils an evening with a peaceful calm. Optics adjust as knowledge and understanding shows the way to beauty and accomplishments. Such is the life of an automobile restorer.

Janne Iggbom provided that home for decades to many travelers seeking understanding of a unique automobile marque. The Harrington. His dedication to behold that which is factual and true was never compromised. Unbending Iggbom provided accuracy and validity on all Harrington models. His website harringtonalpine.org and Iggbom's commitment to others around the World was never failing. Many Harrington sports cars are road worthy because of Iggbom's loyalty to his Harrington passion. Jerry.


It's largely due to the efforts of Jan that we have such a robust Harrington community today and all owners owe him a massive thank-you. He tirelessly investigated fact from fiction and built a comprehensive archive of everything related to Harringtons, ranging from adverts to restoration guidance over a period of 40 years or more. He was a committed Sunbeam afficionado, Alpines and Tigers as well as Harringtons. We actually met at the first SAOC National at Donington in 1978 but shamefully I didn't remember that until he recently showed me a photo that he had taken of me there

In one respect it could be a risk to the future of the overall Harrington Community to lose such a valuable member, but we owe it to Jan to maintain his good work, and a group of Harrington enthusiasts have grouped together to ensure that his work is carried on. Let's call it a steering committee. We have members from the UK and USA and together we think that we can do a reasonable job of filling the huge void left by Jan. One of our priorities is to make sure that all the information remains easily accessible to the members of the Association and to ensure that there is no risk in the futureof losing the archive information from the passing of any one individual. We want the community to be open to everyone and invite any Harrington owner to offer their suggestions and contributions to the group or even volunteer to be part of the steering group. Let's work together to maximize the enjoyment we get from our cars and even maximize the value as well by keeping Harringtons in the public eye in a favourable light! Don't forget that our shared interest in Harringtons has produced many friendships and maybe this is even more valuable than the cars on their own. I believe this is the best way to honour and respect Jan. Our deepest condolences to Katja and Maria. Glenn

Jan always insisted on dropping me off at the airport in his Harrington


Robert Brissenden
Just so sad to lose my friend for over 24 years great respect for his stance for originality although our views were totally different. Photo shows Maria when she visited Spain to play tennis.


 Some photos from Jerry Logan from his visit to Jan in 2014. Jerry's wife Nancy driving with Jan and Jan with his good friend Oka in his garage/workshop/"museum"

 Below: Jan's two Alpines andthe V8 Harrington Tiger conversion - the Golden Rocket. He just finished the restoration of his Lake Blue Le Mans


* now renamed from "Society" to "Association"

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