This page is an investigative attempt to understand production changes in the order that they occurred. Since there is very little written fact to base this information on we will in some events assume based on what we know from observation and information collected from our registry. We will distinguish fact from fiction where necessary by indicating with: Approximate. Major events in Alpine production by Rootes have been added for perspective. If your Harrington disagrees with our findings please let us know. We wish this to be as accurate as possible.

Changes in Production


  • Design and concept work for Harrington Alpine begins sometime in 1960.
  • September - B9100000 - First Series II Alpine produced by Rootes.
  • Earliest known Harrington Alpine PBW 262 - Alpine reg date Oct/59. (per our registry)
    At least 2 early Harrington Alpines had an internal hinge style boot lid. No exterior chrome hinges! - Approximate


  • March - Harrington Alpine introduction.
  • July - B9107291 - Shape of holes in Rootes steel wheels changes with hub caps per standard Alpine production.
  • October - Le Mans introduction. LRX cars marked with 'H' on serial number.
  • October - New fender badge design introduced for Le Mans. - Approximate
  • October - Slotted Carlotti steering wheel replaces non-slotted Carlotti wheel. - Approximate
  • October - Eggbox or Crate grills may first appear on Prince William of Glousester's "Le Mans".


  • January - Harrington England fender badges are removed. - Approximate
  • January - Design change to Microcell seat coverings. - Approximate
  • January - Change of Bonnet/Hood stay
  • February - 6th Harrington Le Mans introduced in USA
  • February - B9115020 - First Alpine built at Ryton-Upon-Dunsmore production site by Rootes.
  • February - Center consoles first appear - Approximate
  • March - Le Mans for export start using aluminum vent covers behind rear side windows. - Approximate
  • September - B9115312 - Last known Harrington Alpine. (per our registry).
  • August - Rear vent detail removed from HRO Le Mans. - Approximate
  • August - No more LRX Le Mans appear. - Approximate
  • October - Series 'C' introduced.
  • December - B9117170 - Earliest known Series 'C' - Reg date 12/13. (per our registry)


  • January - B9200000 - First Series 3 Alpine produced by Rootes.
  • February - B9119249- Last known Series' C' - Reg date 04/04. (per our registry)
  • February - B9119956 - Le Mans and Series 'C' production stops with end of Series II Alpine production.
  • February - production of GTR4 started
  • April - B9119789 - Last known Le Mans - Reg date 05/02. (per our registry)
  • July - B9202189 - Earliest known Series 'D' - Reg date 07/25. (per our registry)
  • October - B9400000 - First Series IV Alpine produced by Rootes.


  • July - B9407936 - Last non-synchronized Alpine transmission and 8 digit serial number per Rootes production.
  • October - B9407633 - Last known Series 'D' - Reg date 10/02. (per our registry)


  • Harrington Ltd announces closure late during the year. Harrington Alpine production was long over by this time and all production records were destroyed.


  • April closed



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