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 Men Only


[Editors note: Men Only! I saw a professional photographer walking round the cars at the first National in 1978 and offered to write him an article to go with his photos. Little did I know he worked for the magazine "Men Only". Does it show that 1) I liked the Harrington and 2) was a bit immature? Later that year I was astounded to be told my article had been published. I worked close to the publishers office in Soho and boldly went into their office to ask for a fee. I was rewarded with £50. This turned out to be a real pain as they reported it to HMRC who doggedly rejected my tax returns for the next 10 years. Later I found out that the secretary in their office was Eddie Zetlein's sister and he had badgered her to get the magazine to send the photographer to the National. Modesty made me remove all the saucy photos in this reproduction and I only just managed to scan the article before the magazine fell to pieces!]

 Harrington Alpine
 Harrington Le Mans
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