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Old site updates prior to 27/02/2022

No. Date Content
01 2008 April 14th Split up the LM reg
02 April 15th More pics on Vickys Ad
03 April 27th Dove' in snowstorm
04 May 3rd Added some tests/articles
05 May 11th For sale Ians Harrington Alpine
06 May 13th Keyrings for sale
07 May 26th LM added to reg
08 May 26th LM added for sale
09 May 27th Jerry's saga
10 Jun 10th LM added to reg
11 Jun 17th LM added to reg
12 Sept 1st Sale/Wanted updated
13 Sept 08th LM pics added to reg
14 Sept 30th Reg contents LM added
15 Oct 7th Features added
16 Oct 21st Reg updated
17 Oct 22nd Bibliography updated
18 Oct 30th Another one added to Reg I
19 Dec 11th Added info on Production page
20 2009 Jan 3rd New pics in Reg
21 Jan 30th Some new documents
22 Feb 1st New pics on front page
23 Feb 22nd Small corrections
24 Mar 1st Spear-poll
25 Mar 16th Where are they now updated
26 Apr 19th Modern Rallying
27 May 12th Carlotti resto
28 Jun 17th Reg. comp.
29 Sep 23rd Reg. correction
30 Oct 1st CFR 920 for sale
31 Oct 1st added "Older Ads"
32 Oct 3rd updated For sale/wanted
33 Nov 7th Glenns story
34 Nov 10th Nigel For sale/wanted
35 Dec 07 Merry Christmas
36 2010 Jan 17th Tune up Stages
37 Feb 1st New cars on homepage
38 Feb 2nd Canadian Ad
39 Mar 4th Link to Enterance Hall added
40 Jun 26th For sale ad deleted
41 Aug 15th Front page updated
42 Oct 10th Ads added
43 Dec 10th Regs updated
44 2011 Jan 19th Cleaned up wanted/for sale
45 Jan 30th Rally page updated
46 Feb 4-6th LM Reg II updated
47 Mar 7th Bills ad
48 Mar 13th Crate grills for sale
49 Mar 23rd RAC 62 GG story
50 May 8th Reduced price for grills
51 May 21-22nd Prescott Hill Climb
52 July 1st French Le Mans for sale
53 July 13th 3000RW in US
54 Aug 7th Front page and gatherings
55 Sept 6th 3000RW Hillclimb
56 Sept 10th Bills ad.
57 Nov 17th Dereks ad.
58 Nov 17th NEC pics
59 Dec 6th Reg updated
60 Jan 10th 2012 Home page updated
61 Feb 1st false Harrington Tigers
62 Feb 2nd true Harrington Tiger
63 Feb 17th gathering
64 Apr 12th magazine added
65 May 4th magazine added
66 June 4th Pics from Amberley
67 June 4th For sale page updated
68 July 23rd For sale page updated
69 Aug 7th Home page updated
70 Sep 17th For sale updated
71 Oct 5th Change of owner
72 Nov22nd Contents updated
73 Jan19th 2013 For sale updated
74 Mar 15th Regs updated
75 Aug 7th Production page updated
76 Sep 24th Micks ad.
77 Nov 4th #55 replica
78 Jan 4th 2014 Steering wheels
79 Jan 25th Reg & For sale updated
80 Feb 20th Videos added
81 Apr 26th History updated
82 Apr 29th Cleaned up "For Sale" page
83 Apr 29th Added Daimler to "Other..."
84 Dec 10th updated the reg+ for sale
85 Mar 3rd 2015 MEL63 & 2EGG updated
86 Mar 23rd New pic homepage+mag
87 Jun 26th Old badges
88 Jul 1st What happened to MEL 63
89 Oct 31st A True rally car
90 Nov 8th Two magazines
91 Nov 22nd For sale HLM
92 Dec 16th Badges
93 Jan 1st 2016 New pic homepage
94 Jan 3rd D-parts wanted
95 Jan 3rd H celebration
96 Jan 31st Bills for sale
97 Sept 18th Cleaning
98 Nov 19th Promotional LRX's
99 Nov 20th Avery #55
100 Nov 21st The other Prince
101 Jan 21st 2017 History: GTR4
102 Jan 25th Model: GTR4
103 Feb 8th Horsman V8
104 Mar 4th Small additions
105 Dec 4th Some comments anout the reg
106 Feb 12th 2018 add. info on GTR4
107 Mar 11th add. info in History
108 Apr 5th front pic changed
109 May 25th roof for sale
110 July 1st Harrpine
111 Apr 1st 2019 Front pic changed
112 Jul 31st Front pic changed two books added

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