1982 in original Harrington Maroon (Sunbeam Wedgewood Blue still visible on internal bulkhead and transmission tunnel)

2001 Photo used in the FIVA registration for new owner Kenny McKewan. (Minilites instead of wires)

2021 Maintaining the current owners philosophy of fix & repair. This spare bonnet has louvres for racing

New driver side sill in 1982 - but not needed on the passenger side

Lower wings and sills all round in 2018 eliminating all the structural rust

Thanks to "Dave the Welder" from Dover who "welds for fun"

The old custom rallying centre console as present in the car when purchased in 2009

The new centre console fitted in 2013 complete with leather piped panels

Industrial conveyor belt replacement for seat webbing to hold a heavy driver!

No new wings for H - just fix the existing - no new wing/budget available

Covid lockdown project - rear valence tidy-up

Rear valence after

Lockdown project - Nose and front valence. NOS grill and new eyebrow

No expense spared on engines. #1 is a Chris Draycott 1600cc, #2 is a 1725cc with Vizard'ed combustion chambers and customised tappet cover

Overhaul of custom rear Series II suspension and lowering kit replacing the standard lever arm setup






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